Simple formulas with essential ingredients

With DEXERYL, we have chosen to create simple formulas with essential ingredients to guarantee effectiveness and optimal user comfort.

Reference active ingredients that have proven their effectiveness

Reference active ingredients that have proven their effectiveness

DEXERYL is the combination of three essential ingredients in a formula resulting from Pierre Fabre research and development. Its benefits on dry or atopic skin are recognised by the greatest European experts in dermatology with 100% French manufacturing.

DEXERYL: effective thanks to a unique mechanism of action of action

DEXERYL: effective thanks to a unique mechanism of action of action

  • A dual moisturising and restorative action
  • A unique formula that moisturises and restores the skin barrier of dry or atopic skin 

Following regular and prolonged application, DEXERYL:

Durably hydrates the skin:

  • By creating a water reservoir with glycerol1
  • By preventing the evaporation of this water by creating film-forming protection thanks to vaseline and paraffin2

Restores the skin barrier by creating a favourable environment to:

  • Allow the natural production of essential skin lipids3
  • Rebalance the disrupted skin lipids in case of dry or atopic skin3

A formula that gets to the point

The composition of DEXERYL is a unique and minimalist formula. It is the result of a combination of three main, effective active ingredients tolerated by sensitive skin.

15% glycerol

Glycerol is a molecule that occurs naturally in very large quantities in the living world.

Glycerol has hydrophilic properties, i.e. it acts like a magnet and captures the water molecules naturally present deep in the epidermis and drive them to the skin's surface. Its use in our formulas, therefore, allows for a hydrating effect in the deep and superficial layers of the epidermis.

2% paraffin

Liquid paraffin is a mixture of molecules, called alkanes, consisting only of carbon and hydrogen atoms.

The paraffin used in DEXERYL Hydrating Cream has a pharmaceutical grade which guarantees its quality.

The physical and chemical properties of paraffin allow it to form a protective film on the skin. This component, therefore, acts as a protective barrier, while limiting water loss.

8% vaseline

Vaseline is a mixture of waxes, oils and solid paraffins. The vaseline in DEXERYL Hydrating Cream has been specially formulated in our laboratories.

Like paraffin, vaseline is an effective semi-occlusive agent that acts as a protective shield. It, therefore, helps to keep the skin hydrated and minimises the penetration of allergens. 

Together, vaseline and paraffin form a protective film on the surface of the epidermis to preserve water in the skin. This barrier limits insensible water loss and protects the skin from external aggressors, therefore reducing skin infections.

This composition ensures the right balance for dual hydrating and restorative action.

On the strength of the proven effectiveness of this perfect blend, Pierre Fabre Laboratories have developed a complete range of DEXERYL products on this basis. The galenic formulations of each product have been adapted to best meet the needs of consumers.

Fragrance-free formulas when necessary

To ensure that your skin is treated with the utmost respect, we advise you to choose products that do not contain fragrance. Our DEXERYL products are designed without any fragrance-related allergens, so that the hydrating and soothing power of our products is maximised and in no way impaired.

Pathophysiology of your dry skin

Pathophysiology of your dry skin

When dry skin occurs, the skin barrier is weakened, it no longer fulfils its function because the intercellular matrix composed of lipids is unbalanced and has lost its density.

However, dry or atopic skins are all different: each has its own particular characteristics, and each skin has a specific lipid profile that must be rebalanced to restore the skin barrier.

DEXERYL: a unique formula that hydrates and restores the skin barrier of dry or atopic skin thanks to a dual hydrating and restorative action.


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