Pierre Fabre: from the pharmacy to your home

For nearly 60 years, the Pierre Fabre Group has been supporting you each day and offering solutions to treat and relieve your ailments and help you live better. A way to take care of yourself at home, because you are the key player in your health.

Behind the Dexeryl brand is the Pierre Fabre Group:

  • an entrepreneurial, scientific and human success story made in France.
  • The world's second-largest dermo-cosmetic laboratory.
  • The second-largest private French pharmaceutical group and the leader in over-the-counter products in France.
  • A portfolio of several brands such as Eau Thermale Avène, Klorane, Ducray, René Furterer, A-Derma and Naturactive.
  • Total revenue of 2.3 billion euros in 2018.
  • The company is 86% owned by the Pierre Fabre Foundation, which is recognised as a public utility, and by its employees through an international employee shareholding plan.
  • A policy of social and environmental responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development has been at the heart of our development model since the group's inception.

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The Pierre Fabre Group: a success story proud of its roots

The story begins in 1951, in the heart of Occitania. Pierre Fabre, pharmacist and botanist, sets up a pharmacy in Castres, his home town. There, at the back of his establishment in a small laboratory, he developed his first formulas. This is the beginning of an entrepreneurial, scientific and human success story made in France.

Pierre Fabre Laboratories were founded in 1962. Today, the Pierre Fabre Group is the leader in over-the-counter products in France.

Ever since its inception, Pierre Fabre's objective has been to offer each patient therapeutic solutions adapted to their needs. Cancer (breast, lung, bladder, etc.), chronic diseases (asthma, diabetes, iron deficiency, etc.) and everyday ailments are the Pierre Fabre Group's health expertise.

This makes it the second largest private pharmaceutical laboratory in France and the second =-largest dermo-cosmetic laboratory in the world with strong brands such as Eau Thermale Avène, Klorane, Ducray, René Furterer and A-Derma.

A Group owned by a foundation and by its employees

A Group owned by a foundation and by its employees

Monsieur Pierre Fabre transformed his pharmacy into an international Group that has remained faithful to its region. He bequeathed his company to a foundation recognised as being a public utility: an original shareholding structure that ensures the independence and durability of the Group.

The Pierre Fabre Foundation is the Group's majority shareholder with 86%. Employees hold 8.6% of the capital.

One Group, one mission

One Group, one mission

Today, nearly 9600 employees in 41 countries work daily to pursue the Group's mission: “Every time we care for a single person, we make the world a better place."

It works with trusted healthcare professionals and partners; by drawing inspiration from nature and plants; by collaborating with researchers and innovators around the world; by placing pharmaceutical ethics at the heart of its work.

A Group and brands inspired by nature

As a source of inspiration and exploration for better living, nature is at the heart of the company's model. Research on natural substances is the first step in a much more comprehensive philosophy.

Behind each medicine, there is first of all a need, identified by the teams, to be able to relieve and treat. Each treatment sold in pharmacies has been thought out, designed and tested to offer an individual therapeutic response. The Group's approach? Combining the best of nature with its scientific expertise and knowledge of the human genome.

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A committed sustainable development policy

Aware of its responsibility, the Group integrates the challenges of sustainable development at the heart of its strategy, at every stage of the product life cycle: from the field where the active ingredients are grown to your bathroom.

This policy is based on five pillars: nature as a source of innovation, ethical sourcing, a local presence throughout the world, low environmental impact, the meaning of our actions and respect for people.

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A Group Made in France

A Group Made in France

The Pierre Fabre Group's commitment to Made in France is a historic choice, an integral part of its DNA, and a way of contributing to the development of its home region. Today, more than 90% of its industrial production and 100% of its research are based in France.


of our products are made in France


of our purchases are made in France


of our revenues are generated internationally

Innovation: the cornerstone of the Group

A commitment to better living based on innovation. Going further with our research has always been a priority. The revolutionary invention of Sterile Cosmetics and the use of hardboiled sugar in the production of medicines are proof of this.


patents/patent applications

€136 millions

invested in R&D

3 to 5

new plant-based active ingredients developed each year


A few words from our founder

Our history is a history of innovation. We have chosen to grow while respecting our founding values, the complementarity of our businesses, an unquestionable desire to innovate and an unalterable attachment to our home region.

Pierre Fabre, September 2012

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